Monday, 24 March 2014

Writing and Editing

Hey all,

It’s been a sunny few days up here in Vancouver. The weather seems to have evened out a little bit and isn’t switching wildly between snow, rain, and hot. I would be outside enjoying a bit more of it if I hadn’t developed the need to cloister myself away in the apartment to work, work, work. I’ve found that editing one book during the day and then writing a second at night is relatively wearing on the mind. I took today off to help reset my brain a little bit, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up for, but for the time being, I’m a two book a day kinda guy.

I heard back from the 3 Day Novel folk, and it looks like I am not a winner this year—too bad. But what this does mean for all of you is that there will be another book out (a novella, once again) once I have burned my way through the edits of Dreamstate II: Wretched Throat. There really is no possible way that I’d be able to edit two books and write a third all at the same time—if I gave up sleep completely, maybe, but that seems like the path to an early heart attack. I might also slowly release the book on Wattpad, which is a site that does some sort of voodoo with people renting/ reading stories that other people post in pieces. I looked at it once a while ago, and might look at it again before I decide what to do with the 3 Day Novel book. It seems to me that it could be a thing to do to drum up some interest by leaking a chapter every week or two to the free sites, and then having the whole thing up on Amazon/ Smashwords for 99 cents or whatever. I’ll check things out, make an assessment, and then let everyone know what’s going on before it goes. Like I said, it’ll be a while before I even get to that book.

The edits on the second Dreamstate book are going as well as I had expected, sort of. I seem to have written an excessively complicated book, and can’t just chop out pieces like I’d thought. I need to track down huge amounts of reference points and who knows what else before it starts reading correctly. This book is very much woven together in a way that the first Dreamstate wasn’t—it’s cool, but a serious bitch to get through.

In other news, the horror book is a delightful experience to work with. The words come fast and they come easy and everything is scary and gets into your (my) head and yay. I am having an excellent time writing it, and it really does leave me something to look forward to after grinding away at sections of dead-end subplots in Dreamstate II all day long.


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