Monday, 28 April 2014

Further Along Than Expected

Hey all,

I’ve been spending a good bit of my free time as of late training for the half-marathon coming up in… just about a week. When I say training I most definitely mean sort of running when I can fit it in around my gym schedule. I know I can run half the distance, which is pretty much the same thing as the full race, right? I have no delusions of winning, though, so as long as I can beat the time I set a few years ago and finish the race, I’ll be content.

Also, running against a strong headwind is just awful—every time you bounce up into the air you go backwards.

In the non-running, writing world that I spend the rest of my time in, I’ve found that I am a lot further in my editing of Dreamstate II than I thought. I’ve been printing out a lot of the content that I need to fix up. I really do have a much easier time messing with text when it’s all laid out in front of me and I can make it up willy-nilly with a pen. I make better calls and it goes along way, way faster; and that’s not even counting the fact that all distractions are removed and I get to chill on the couch while working. Anyways, I’ve been printing everything without the page numbers at the top, so I didn’t actually know where I was in the editing process. The last couple days I’ve been entering everything that I fixed up back into the document, and I’m just about at the end of the story. Clearly it’s been some time since I read the book in any sort of cohesive way, because I had way misjudged where I was in the story. It’s kind of nice to find that you’ve done a lot more work than you thought—it almost always happens the other way around.

The horror writing has been fine as well. I didn’t do anything too hardcore with the writing over the weekend, mostly just messed with the tone a bit. I found that with just a few tweaks of the language I could make certain bits of the book way more… visceral? I think visceral might be the right word to use there. It’s darker, more gripping, and I feel like it should put people on edge a bit more. I’d normally do that more in the editing phases, but I had some free time, and getting everything to sound just the way I want it to before I write it makes my job easier in the long run. If I just kind of go for it, I end up with a Dreamstate II situation—miles and miles of editing that at times feels like it has no end. Planning can be good and very much a timesaver.


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