Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hey all,

I do apologize if there are any strange grammatical instances in this post, I am terribly tired right now and editing this post is proving to be a bit of a task.

In the world of my writing, I tried to hit ten thousand words the other day in my horror story; sad to say I fell short by about half that amount. Don’t get me wrong, five thousand words in a single day is still pretty solid writing, but it wasn’t quite what I was aiming for. I suppose without an actual timer counting down on me I don’t have the crazy, stay up forever mentality I need to really hammer out a full story in a few days time. I got stuck on an iffy part of the book that I hadn’t really thought out all that well. I had to go back and tweak a fair number of things before it moved forward and made any sense at all. I’d just boxed myself into a funny situation where the characters weren’t acting how I wanted them to act. They were a bit too… Dreamstatey about it all—I forget that normal people are phased by weird stuff and don’t just accept it as part of life. Anyways the rest of my writing has been going just fine, word counts back to normal amounts and all that.

Although, in regards to word counts I had a very strange day today (yesterday). I wrote a very lengthy bit of the story and was actually quite proud of myself for finishing up early. I gave what I’d written a once over and realized that I really, really didn’t like what I’d done. I had taken the initiative to do something completely unplanned with a bit of the story and the whole thing kind of just blew up in my face. At the time I thought it was great, but looking back nothing made sense and I had once again just backed myself into a corner (plotwise). I ended up wiping out the whole section that I’d written, and then I wrote it all over again. I went back to how I’d planned it out originally, with a few small changes, and now everything is great. I really like the redone bit, almost as much as I didn’t like the stuff from before. It’s very rare that I commit to something and then almost immediately get rid of it. There are definitely times when I’ve killed off subplots or made sweeping changes in the late game, but not often this early. I suppose mistakes do happen—I just misjudged a bit of the story and everything went haywire for a few hours, all better now though.


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