Thursday, 17 April 2014

Journals for Days!

Hey all,

The weather has returned the as expected rain and gloom that makes the Northwest ever so cozy. One thing that I do miss about the brightness, though, is being woken up by the sunlight at a reasonable hour. If I forget to set an alarm I tend to sleep forever and a day because it never really gets light outside—it’s a hard life, but I persevere.

Anyways, I spent almost all of today on the couch tearing into my journal for my wee horror story. I had an outline that I thought, at the time, was pretty complete. The problem with assuming something though is that it does not always wind up how you expect it to. I hit a bit of a wall with where I was going—pretty much I’d just not figured out the middle of the story. I had a note in my journal saying *stuff happens here blah blah figure it out*. I hadn’t figured it out though… and so in order to prevent my story from stopping short at twenty thousand words, I had to go back to the figuring-out-board. I mapped out a pretty tight outline of what happens through about 80% of the book, and it should be a lot easier to press ahead without having to stop and ponder all that much. I should have realized in the first place that a two page outline really wasn’t going to turn into all that much of a story. The new one is closer to twenty pages or so—a lot more finicky detail went into it. There is, of course, always room for slight changes, but for the most part I’ve got a pretty cool little spooky book going on. Nightmares for the whole family!

In the word of Dreamstate, the book is still being edited. I’m rewriting stuff as I go and nitpicking the larger issues that I stumble across. There’s not all that much to talk about. The editing is taking a lot longer than I expected, especially considering I’m splitting the time with the other book. It’s still moving forward at a pretty steady pace and nothing catastrophic has yet been discovered. The book it quite lengthy, but is getting chopped down to size, so all in all good progress across the board.


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