Monday, 14 April 2014


Hey all,

I don’t know how the weather’s been acting where you folks are, but in Vancouver it decided that it would be sunny this week. It’s the start of April and already it’s shorts and t-shirts and me wishing that it was cold again. I’m none too big on the sun—it burns me and makes me look more pink than I feel is necessary. Anywho, it looks like summer has come to this part of Canada a bit sooner than I would have liked, but with any luck the rainy gray comfort will be back before I can say ‘sunburn’.

Now, at the very start of my horror book I had a passage—more of a paragraph I suppose—but a bit of writing, nonetheless. This was a bit of a relic from the earlier versions of the book, but I thought that it set the mood of the story very well. It was a bit unnerving and right away the reader knew that the main character was scared of something; I personally thought that it threw you right into the thick of things. I showed it to Charlotte and she said ‘neh, I don’t like that first bit.’ At first I was a bit annoyed, but the more that I looked at it I started to realize that it really didn’t fit. The tone wasn’t really right for this version of the story, and it sort of gave the game away a little bit too fast. I figured there had to be a better hook that still allowed for a lot of nice slow, super creepy buildup.

What I’ve settled on doing, I think (settled for now at least) is taking a bit of text out of a folk story or legend. I’ve actually been spending a fair amount of my time delving through the recesses of the internet trying to come up with something that makes sense in the context of the setting of this book, and stays in line with how the story is going to unfold. There are plenty of creepy folk stories out there that have nothing at all in common with what I’m writing. I need something that fits, sets the creepy mood, and can be integrated into my book (in the most loose of ways possible). It needs to essentially create the idea that something horrific (and similar) happened in the same place a long time ago—so much so that it became part of the local folklore. I like things like that—ancient and spooky things—I find them interesting as can be. I hope you all do too.


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