Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Short Bit of Ramblin’

Hey all,

So it has been hot here as of late. Not that middle of the country super hot that kills people, but hot enough that I don’t like sitting in a room with a computer running keeping me warm. It’s kind of like being slow roasted all afternoon, but then if I hide in the bedroom with the AC I get too cold. Terrible weather really, I’d much prefer it make up its mind and be hot enough that I can run the cold air maker, or just be cold so I can wear a hoodie and feel content with the world. I really only mention it because it’s been playing wonky with my ability to get as much writing as I want done during the day—I get sleepy.

Despite my general sleepiness from the warmth, my editing for Dreamstate II has been coming along in leaps and bounds. I’m nearly to the point where I get to sit back, read my own story, and see if the arc of the book makes any sense at all. I’ve pretty much filled in all the really massive holes that I knew I wanted to change from the get go, but now I get to look for the more subtle weirdnesses. I’m sure that I’ll find certain sections lag, and others skip around too much, and I’ll need to dive in and make them right, but I kind of like that part of the work. There’s a lot more reading and looking at the book as a whole entity rather than as a bunch of tiny unconnected events. I like the big picture; it’s a lot more fun to work with.

I’ve slowed down a bit with the horror book, only getting in about half the word count that I want. It might honestly be that I’ve hit a bit of a tricky scene, because I have, and also the whole ‘it’s hot and I want to take a nap,’ thing. I’ve only been lagging on it for a few days, actually two days, and the rest of the time it’s been coming along swimmingly. All of the horrible things that happen in the book are starting to come about full swing. It’s a lot of fun to write, which is something that I’ve had trouble really finding in the last few half-finished projects I’d started. If I enjoy what I’m writing, everything seems to come along much better.

I know that I promised a potential preview of the Dreamstate II cover at some point, but I just haven’t gotten around to drawing it up in any sort of reasonable capacity. I’ll crack open Illustrator when I can and do it up, but that might have to wait until I have a bit more of a gap in my editing schedule. I think right now the most important thing is to get the book done first, rather than make it pretty. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the pretty stage before too long.


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