Monday, 12 May 2014

More Reading and Some Headway

Hey all,

I know that it seems like I’m posting this right on time, but I actually wrote it last Friday. I’m out of town, and won’t be back for a few days, so I’ve just set this up to go off on its own. I know, it’s like we’re living in the future or something.

Anywho, I’ve been spending almost all of my time reading, which I believe I mentioned in my last post. It’s been going well, and like I predicted I have hit a few areas where I need to a bit more reorganizing of the scenes to make them really flow together. There are a few moments that I dragged something on for a bit too long and needed to rein it in a bit to make the excitement on either side connect. I think most of the worst re-writes are behind me, though. For a moment the other day I had an idea for a massive change to the story, but I don’t know if I can actually work it in. It would probably take a good three months to change what I need to change (maybe). I need to get to the later parts of the book where that stuff is happening before I make any real decisions. If it turns out that it’s really only a few simple changes and a couple scenes that need rewriting (in their setting mostly) then I might just go ahead and do it. I like it the way it is, but I might like it the other way slightly better, and it might make a bit more sense in the universe of these books. I don’t know… these are the sorts of potentially book destroying decisions I have to end up making while I do my edits.

Although in other news, the grammar doesn’t seem to be that horrific. There are the odd typos here and there, but I really tried to keep track of it this time around, and with any luck that phase of the editing will be done with relative ease.

I’ve backed off of the horror book for a little bit while I’m reading through Dreamstate II. I find that starting and stopping the book makes it a bit more difficult to get back into the swing of things. I much more prefer just sitting down each day and reading carefully until my eyes go cross and I need to do something else. I’m sure other people are much happier bouncing around, which I am too some of the time, just not right now.

My first wave of test readers could potentially start looking forward to a copy of the book in the next few weeks—exciting! (Exciting for me to hear feedback, the reader folk have to stumble through a book beta-version).


PS. I may or may not post something for Thursday, I’ll have to see how the wifi is where I’m staying.

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