Monday, 5 May 2014

No Post Today!

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of content today but yesterday (Sunday) I was up at around 5:30am to run a half marathon. I did alright, nothing remotely competitive but much faster than anything I'd ever done before. I did however, come home, eat dinner, and promptly fall asleep (hence the lack of posting last night).

I also didn't get too much done as far as writing goes all weekend because of the whole half marathon thing, so there's not all that much to talk about. I had a normal and quite productive Friday working on the horror story, but nothing too crazy happened. My story's plot is getting a little bit out of whack, but I might talk about that next time when I wrangle it down some.

All in all, not much happened with in the world of writing, and I ran a bunch. There will be a much better update on Thursday, I promise.


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