Thursday, 22 May 2014

Reading and Writing

Hey all,

Sorry for the morning post rather than the super late thing that I usually do, I fell asleep last night a bit early. I’ve been recovering from the fun and fancy free I had while on vacation with a good dose of writing and editing over the past few days. I’ve been making some rather sweeping changes to the horror story, which I’m not sure if I’m ready to quite talk about all of it yet; mostly because I don’t know if I fully realize them, but possibly on Monday.

Let’s talk about Dreamstate II for a bit. I am really, really happy with how a lot of the book has turned out. I was worried that there would be a lot of winding, useless parts of the story, but for the most part everything seems to track really quite well. Most of my cutting down editing has either been relegated to removing dead plotlines or saying things more efficiently. There are times that I do want to have long, fancy descriptions of things, and there are times when (for the sake of length) I can just say what the thing is. The book really seems to clip along at a good pace for 90% of the time. I’m going to have to go in and mess with the remaining 10%, but that’s not too bad, I think I know how to pick it up a bit. That was the whole purpose of me reading through the book before I did any tightly focused editing—to find the parts of the story that lagged behind.

The bit about the horror that I do want to chatter about is that I’ve become fed up with the first person narrative. I’ve said about 100 times before that there are times when the first person story works very well, but I don’t particularly like using it. I’ve been having a lot of trouble really having the character establish certain things about himself and the people around him. If I go too deep into an internal analysis, it changes the character a bit, because that’s not really his personality. If he knew everything that he needed to know about himself and everyone else, a lot of issues could be avoided. The problem is that some of these things do need to be revealed to the readers or everyone in the story comes off as a bit flat. I need that omniscient voice that’s able to pull certain aspects of a character’s personality and past to the forefront without the character necessarily being aware of it themselves. I feel like (in the bit that I’ve redone) that there’s a new layer of depth to the interactions and story that I was just missing beforehand. Also, keeping the story mostly the same while just changing the perspective is a pretty quick process, so, yay for that.


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