Monday, 19 May 2014


Hey all,

Sorry I didn't post anything last Thursday, as you may have noticed. I was still in California and really did have quite limited access to the internet. I would have had to make camp in the lobby of my hotel and write up something or other about what I had been reading over the week on Charlotte’s laptop. It would have been a bit messier than I would have liked, and the chairs were less than spectacular.

Anywho, California and Disneyland were quite the fun time. It was hot 38c/100f (choose your preferred temperature system) but not unbearable if I stuck to the shadows and only scuttled through the sun when necessary.

I spent a good deal of time reading while I was away. I've recently been ripping into a few horror stories to figure out why my book is going awry in some areas. I don't think that I've talked about this before... but if I have, bear with me for a bit. Some of the horror story is great—there is a ton of tension and the characters are acting correctly and everything is genuinely scary. There are other times, however, when nothing seems to be going right. The book just kind of falls flat in the places that I'm not happy with. There were even a few times when the content bordered on funny, which I believe I should avoid as best I can. I think what one of the big issues for me is that I don't have all that much interpersonal tension. Everyone seems to like one another (to an extent) and are therefore focused on dealing with what is happening to them. There needs to be more layers to the fear and terror so that everything is being torn apart from all sides, not just from whatever creepy thing is happening. The book drifts too far into fantasy good vs. evil tropes when everyone is working together. Also, when everyone is happy, if anything bad does happen between them, it comes out of thin air and feels forced.

Dreamstate II is still coming along; I didn't get as much reading of that as I would have liked to done, but Disneyland was a bit distracting. I got some work done on the plane rides, but ugh, do they suck the focus out of you or what? I'll catch up this week, and should have an update on how the new changes to the horror book are coming along. Yay.


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