Thursday, 19 June 2014

All I Seem to do is Edit!

Hey all,

I've been doing a lot of the same lately (edits). This post will be a wee bit shorter than most, but no less exciting than the others. I think for my next write-up I might try and find something fun from the world of books (outside my personal writing) to talk about. I'm not quite sure exactly what I'll talk about, but it'll be something fun, I promise.

I've been editing things—lots of things. I'm getting to that point in the process where I am so, so, so sick of editing. Which, I apologize in advance if I leave in some sort of typo in this post, my edit brain is shot. There's only so much fine tooth combing you can do of a book in a single day. I find that after five or six hours I really start to lose my edge. I'll either be reading the same paragraph over and over without realizing it, or I'll find that I've gotten through half a page and retained nothing of what I read. This is a fairly substantial problem when all I'm trying to do is fix up the very thing that I'm having trouble focusing on. I wish that I could spend all day grinding through the book until it was completely perfect, but alas my eyes and brain tends to fizzle after a while. I think something about the fact that I wrote the book and have read through it a couple times really adds to the level of focus that I've got to maintain. It's very easy for me to gloss over bits of the book because I know it so well—I sometimes don't notice if I skip something because it's already in my brain and the skipped to part makes perfect sense. I can catch errors in other books and papers (that aren't my own) hours and hours after I've started reading and looking them over.

I'm probably three or four days out from being done with my red-pen pass of Dreamstate II. As I've said a bunch of times, I'm still really happy with how the book has turned out. It's super weird, and quite different from the first, but it's all connected and fits into the canon nicely. I do hope that everyone else will share my enthusiasm for the new story (once I get it out to them).

In unrelated news, running my brain this hard has made it really easy for me to get to sleep at night. Edit for half the day, hit the gym in the evening, and watch a bit of netflix before bed and you've got yourself the recipe for a good night's sleep.

Oh, and the horror story—still haven't forced Charlotte to read it... possibly tomorrow if I get around to putting in on a tablet for her. Will report back with initial response.


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