Thursday, 5 June 2014

Big Pile of Paper

Hey all,

I printed out the rest of Dreamstate II the other day. I don’t have that many opportunities to print out 174 pages of text and let me tell you, it took way longer than I would have expected it to; I think my printer was working for about an hour or so before it was done. Now I’m in the middle of the daunting task of taking apart and marking every single thing I think might be slightly off with the story. Also, in similar news, the book killed my red pen, of which I apparently only own one, and so now I must go outside and buy more.

I like the ‘sit down with a red pen’ part of editing. I like that I can do it while relaxing on the couch, and I like that I don’t have to stare at a computer screen for eight hours to get it done. I also find something strangely comforting about combing through the text looking for typos and errors and figuring out ways to better organize the sentences. I spend a lot of the time correcting the flow of the language, but when I finish, everything comes out so much better. It’s a fun feeling to enter all the changes and realize that I wrote something substantial and that I’m proud of the end result. It’s especially nice considering how god awful long this book took to write. I’m pretty certain that I started writing it over a year ago (with minor breaks to work on/ edit other projects along the way). A bit more time and Charlotte’s read-through later, and my first round of readers will be getting a massive word document in their inboxes. Yay (maybe?) for them.

The re-write of the horror story has picked up so much more steam than it had the last time I wrote a post. I was pretty down about how abysmal the writing had been going over the past week or so. It was one of those ‘flop on the floor and whine’ sort of weeks. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I seem to have broken through whatever barrier was holding down my brain and got a whole bunch of stuff done. I’m maybe just over 15% done with the horror book, but hopefully it’ll stay picked up. I’m aiming for a much shorter sixty-thousand-ish word story. Dreamstate II was about twice that long, and was just way too big of a concept for what I was initially prepared to write. Don’t get me wrong, writing something that long was quite the experience and I’m happy with the book, but I don’t want to do that again for a least a little while.


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