Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Editing a Story

Hey all,

I believe that I said last time I would probably talk about something unrelated to my personal writing in this post, but I lied as I’m apt to do. I actually had nothing to write about until earlier this evening when I was thinking about a few passages I wiped out during the edits of Dreamstate II. I’d sort of forgotten about them, since I’d done the actual editing a few weeks ago, but today I had to enter everything back into the computer (and figure out what all my red marks meant). I guess I hadn’t really looked at the changes in the big picture until today, but there are some pretty substantial ways in which what I did messes with the overall storyline for the better.

When I had deleted and flipped around some of the scenes, I knew what it was that I was trying to do—what I felt that the story was missing or needed. I was under the impression that what I was doing would nudge the rest of the book in the right direction. I think, though, that what I did really ended up running a lot deeper. The way that characters interact with one another is completely different because a few bits of chapter (that went into more personal detail) were either wiped out or made different from what I had before. Other characters who were a bit… distanced from everyone else in the story now are a lot more invested, all because of a few changes at crucial moments. I don’t have to rewrite huge sections of the story (everything with those characters) but what I can do is tinge the untouched scenes to mean something different from how they were read before.

I might have talked about this in posts past, and I’m pretty sure I did during the time that I was editing From Ash and possibly the first chapter of the horror story. The fact remains that I’m always impressed at the way we can take such small details and apply them to everything else in a story. I can be subtle and make little suggestions and the reader does everything else for me.

Small musings from a brain that’s mostly doing typo fixing.


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