Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Finished With Those Edits

Hey all,

Good news! I’ve finally finished editing Dreamstate II. Now I have to enter everything into the computer and give it another once over just to be sure it’s all how I want it, but the first wave of editing is done. I find that this part of the writing process is the one that takes the longest. It’s really where I have to delve into the dull side of things and find the billions of typos. There were obviously times where I worked with the story, but a lot of what I was doing was basic grunt work fixes of my own errors.

I’ve said it a number of times now, but I really like the way that the book turned out. In a week or two (however long it takes me to enter everything) I’ll be able to hand off the book to Charlotte and get a second opinion. I think she read a super early version of the beginning of the book a long time ago. I’ve been working on the story for so long I’m not quite sure what was in the thing she read, but I’m fairly certain that it was quite different from what I have now. There are always going to be parts of my stories that I’m not super confident about, but there comes a point where I have to just set the book free. Other folk need to look at those scenes and tell me if I’m crazy or if they really do need work. Oftentimes the things that I worry about go unnoticed by everyone else, and the parts that I think are solid confuse all of the readers. It’s a strange thing writing, I never quite know how the world is going to react to it. But really, things are moving along, finally—and I’m ready for a select few to see what I’ve been working on for the past year(+).

Along with my new computer I also got a new version of word. I had been using the old 2003 XP copy of Office—so figuring out how to make everything format just the way I want in an all new program should be fun. By fun I very much do mean horrifying, although the new layout has been alright so far; I’ve found clicking on anything that might semi-sound like what I want to do seems fairly effective.

Oh, also, I totally didn’t get around to setting up the free From Ash sessions, but I’ll have something worked out for the Thursday post, I promise. It’s been a hectic few weeks with a couple side projects eating up a lot of my non-writing time. The world should calm down a bit this week, though, so updates are on the way.


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