Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer Heat

Hey all,

It’s been crazy hot here over the last week or so. I don’t get it, the world went from cool, rainy, normalness to blasting deathwaves from the sky. It’s getting to the point where I have to turn off my computer and go sit in a cool room for a couple hours during the day. Super not fun, and double super awful for productivity.

Speaking of productivity, I’m cruising through Dreamstate II, entering everything back into the computer. Some of the pages have ten million corrections on them, while others only have a few. I can tell when I’d gotten sleepy or generally distracted, because those parts are pretty riddled with weird grammar and strange words. The bits that I wrote when I was on my game, however, are way easier to do up, because they don’t need much changed at all. There might be a few marks on a page only. Like I said before, the process is pretty mindless, but it’s slow going, and very boring, and the sooner I’m done and people can start getting their hands on the story, the happier I’ll be.

I had that free day for From Ash on Saturday and it went quite well. I’d not done one for a really long time, I guess I’d just forgotten that I could. It’s good to see that people will still yoink something that’s free, though, even if it did come out a year or so ago. I’m sort of excited to see what the four days in a row will do to the book on the free ranking list; with any luck it might boost it into a position where people checking out the ‘Top’ books lists will give it a look. It might also fall flat and only give away a single book a day after the first. I’m on the tail end of a 90-day Amazon KDP Select (free give away power), so those days would have run out if I didn’t jam them in all at once. It should be interesting one way or another, and I’ll make sure to keep everyone up to date on just how it goes.

(Terribly sorry for the short post, I’ve just been re-entering text and I want to get back to it ASAP so I can be done).


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