Monday, 21 July 2014

Super Short

Hey all,

As the title suggests, this is a short post. I’ve been doing little else than entering the changes back into the computer over the past few days. It’s a way slower process than I was hoping, but it’s moving along at its own snail-like pace. Finding everything, making sure that it’s in the right place and that the changes are in fact better than what was there before, and then finding exactly where it fits into the document is suuuuuper tedious (and not all that much happens). This blog should pick back up once I’m done and can do a bit of writing again (I miss creating).

I don’t quite have all the data back yet on my Amazon free days yet, so come the next post I’ll be able to tell everyone how that all went. My guess is that the days will probably drop off, because that’s how it was in the past when I did two days in a row, but who knows what’ll happen in the end.


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