Thursday, 10 July 2014

To the Computer!

Hey all,

First things first, Amazon apparently redid their free book making UI and it’s late and I’m confused. I’ll fiddle with it in the morning to set up the free From Ash weeks and will throw out a number of days in my next post. A warning, though, the first day is going to be this Saturday, July 12th. I’ll post the days in a chart as soon as I have them set up and then once again on Tuesday.

I took a day off from when I finished the editing. I think I had said that I’d finished it on Monday, but really I finished it up yesterday (Tuesday), and then took Wednesday off. I haven’t actually had a real day *off* for some time. There have been days that I was out of town that I didn’t get any writing done, but I’m always doing something at those times—I never just hang out anymore. Anywho, I had a super relaxing day and went out to dinner and got in a fight with a dragonfly that came into the apartment to harass me; all in all it was a nice time.

The next big step for me is to start entering all the changes I made in pen into the computer copy of the story. I’ve cut out a lot of content, but I’m a bit nervous to see just how much shorter the story is going to be now. The book was a bit longer than I wanted it to be, and I tried my best to tighten up the floppier scenes and cut out the nonsense that I didn’t need anymore… but I’m not sure how well I did.

I hate entering stuff into the computer, I really do. If I could hire a chimpanzee to do it for me I would. I can never find a good place to set the stack of papers, and more often than not they end up all over then floor. The whole thing tends to take a lot longer than I want to spend on it and I have to decipher my chicken scratches, all in red ink (harder to read). Bleh, I whine, but this is my least favorite part of making a book. Writing original content is fast and fancy free, editing with a pen is studious and follows rules—putting edits into a computer is boring and full of ick. Fortunately it tends to be a bit more mindless than the other types of work and shouldn’t take all that long to finish if I just do a quick check to my changes and enter everything that passes the goodness test. Huzzah.


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