Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sleepy Writing

Hey all,

I’m back from other lands and still in one piece. I didn’t have too much downtime over the weekend to get that much writing done (I didn’t sleep all that much and sleepy writing is weird writing). I did get some stuff done—there was a bit of productivity, but it wasn’t up to what I normally do when I have nothing at all to do (which is the norm).

So as you might imagine I had essentially zero time this week to write a post for Monday. I spent a lot of my time driving about and hanging around in hospitals feeling very sleepy—it wasn’t the best environment to blog. I did get a bit of work done on Dreamstate II, though, and as of yesterday and today I’m typing up that last scene. I think I might actually get it done today. It’s freaking me out a little bit because I’ve been saying that for three weeks, but this time I don’t have anything else to do. I am, however, starting to reach that fun point in the editing process where I’m wondering if the book is terrible. Maybe I’ve been lying to myself and nothing in the story makes sense at all? I doubt that’s true, but there’s always that little voice in the back of my head (after I’ve finished the book).

The changes to the last scene were actually fairly substantial. Like I’d said before, the core of the event that takes place is to remain the same, and the story itself doesn’t end up changing, but that’s about where it ends. Almost all of the action and speech is different, and I think a lot cleaner now. There were some odd, muddled moments that I didn’t really understand myself as I was reading back through. It took a few moments to figure out what was happening, but I hadn’t really explained it all that well. Now, things are much more simple, but no less exciting, which is always the way to do it if you can. I wish I could tell you more without giving away everything about the book, but I can’t. This is pretty much the corner/capstone scene to a very, very, long set of steps and actions and take place throughout the book. As close to a climactic event as this story has.

Alpha-copies coming out soon?


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