Thursday, 7 August 2014


Hey all,

This post turned a bit more into one of those ‘things that Trevor is thinking about’ posts, rather than anything super constructed. There should be something a little bit more solid next week if you prefer the normal format.

I had a post all written up last night, and I was about to post it, but then I read it over one last time and decided I really didn’t like it. I’d written about designing the cover of the book, and what I drew inspiration from and all that jazz. I feel like it gave a little bit too much away at a time when I’m not done with the cover art, and therefore can’t show everyone the finished product. I’ll probably re-release that post later, down the road, when the cover is completed.

So as you know, the changes are nearly done being re-entered. I have one more large scene that I need to re-write, which will probably take a couple days, but most of it is already plotted out. My guess is that Charlotte will be getting a copy of Dreamstate II within a week unless something really bad happens with that scene. It’s not that it was bad in the first place, and probably a lot of it can be salvaged and reused, just there were other things that I wanted to put in to make it better.  Most of the time little tweaks can save a chapter, but on occasion you’ve just got to gut the whole shebang and go for it.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do after I get done with the book. I’ll probably take a couple days off and let my brain settle, but then I start to get really bored. I have the horror book that I was working on, and would really like to get back into, but at the same time, I have last year’s 3 Day Novel book to edit. It’s a cool little story, and I might just give it a once over to see how much work I’d need to do to get it internet ready. Depending on how extensive I end up making it, I might even send a few copies out to agents to see if I can get a few feelers out there for that type of work. It’s a bit different from anything that I’ve written. On the topic of the 3 Day Novel contest, I think that I might be taking a year off from them. It’s definitely an interesting game to play, but I’ve got enough on my plate right now with three other books that I might just leave it alone. There’s always next year if I really feel the need to not sleep.


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