Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Hey all,

I was in the shower today, after I’d come home from the gym when I had a thought. The Dreamstate books, as I probably have mentioned a few times, are spaced about two years(ish) apart. Roughly how long I’ve been taking to put them out, give or take a few months. I’d been having the problem, though, that I didn’t really like having gaps for the sake of gaps between the books. Sure, I suppose I could make a small note that they had to prepare for whatever during that time—but that felt a bit forced, once or twice is fine… but not five times. Anywho what I came up with was to play a bit more with the timeline during the books themselves.

The first Dreamstate book takes place in a month or two… I think. I haven’t actually gone back to read it over since before I started the second books, which was some time ago. This second book was originally slated to be a bit longer of a time span, but I think I might actually make it even longer than that. There’s no real reason that I should be able to do so, the story actually lends itself very nicely to a slightly lengthier timeline. It makes the events of the story feel less crammed together, and gives a bit more of a natural curve to things that I can’t talk about without completely giving away the story.

I gave the book a once over in the places that I thought I might lengthen the time a bit. Honestly it might be as simple as changing the word ‘weeks’ to ‘months’ in a few places. There will obviously be a couple more in depth tweaks that I might want to do, but for the most part I doubt that it would take longer than an extra day of edits to make everything shipshape. I like when I come up with something that has the potential to improve the entity of the series and then I find it to be a super easy addition. It’s much better than the alternative of hard things that do nothing at all but waste my time… I hate those types of ideas.

Still finishing up the edits and the scene changes. A few more days hopefully and Charlotte will be reading the first press of the story. I really do hope it’s decent… I’ve put way too much time into this one.

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