Thursday, 21 August 2014

Well This is Tricky...

Hey all,

I seem to have forgotten to put this post up last night, so I’m doing it now. I do apologize if you were up at the crack of dawn and I hadn’t quite updated it yet. I was super tired last night and just ended up going to bed not all that long after I got home from the gym. Sometimes the ol’ brain just wants to rest.

I’ve finished the edits to Dreamstate II, barring a single scene. It’s only a couple pages long, but I need to rewrite a lot of it. The skeleton of the events in this part of the book are staying the same, so nothing major is going to change in the plot, but I’m still having issues. I haven’t written in quite some time it seems. I’ve done bits here and there during the editing, where I’ve made a few smaller changes to parts of the book or I’ve re-written the odd page, but nothing quite this substantial. This also happens to be one of the larger climactic events in the book, and I want it to be exciting. What I have now is decent, but I think that I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t just want it to be fine, I want it to be exceptional. I’ve already gone back to the journal and mapped out the new things that I want to happen, but I seem to be having trouble putting it into words… words that are well written. I suppose that is part of the challenge, though, getting my brain back into the right mindset to write something fancy. I’ll get through it at some point, hopefully soon. At the very least I can write and re-write until I’m happy with the finished product.

In short, there should be a pretty solid copy of Dreamstate II heading out to people before all that long. I know I’ve said it before, but this time there are literally only a few pages that are left to be done, three, I believe. Maybe my next few posts will be all about designing the cover logo—I might even throw up some half-finished designs if I’m indecisive about what I like. It’s an exciting time, the end of a book.

Oh, also, I might do another free From Ash at some point this weekend; I’ll give a heads up for when and if I decide to do that. Also I will not be around next Tuesday so if there is no new blog post, I do apologize it just means that I didn’t get around to writing it earlier. If I can find something interesting enough to talk about then I might have one preloaded to go off on its own… we’ll see.


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