Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cover Art Samples

Hey all,

The book is still being read (by Charlotte), although I am told that it is nearly done. I have also been told that the story is very exciting, which is good. So instead of doing anything with the writing and the editing, I opted to press forward on the cover art. It seemed like the time to draw, as I was a bit out of it due to fire alarms being tested for three hours (starting at 8am this morning) and editing would have gone poorly.

I wanted the art to be/ mimic something found in the story. I needed it not to be obvious, so that it would not give away what it was/meant, but at the same time be easily recognizable to anyone looking. The zeifer stone on the cover of Dreamstate: Dark Eyes is the sort of thing that I mean—you’ve read the book and you know right away what it is. The image also is a pretty good eye-grab; bright colors on a black background.

I want the second cover to be more or less the same as the first. The font/ font colors/ general design needs to be in a similar vein. I want someone to be able to know that the books belong together from front, back, and side views without them even having to read the title. First glance and boom, they know what they’re looking at. The art also needs to be eye catching but different from the first in obvious ways. I have the very roughest outlines of what I’m working on pasted in below. I’m much further along than what I’m showing here, but I don’t really want to give the big reveal away (all that much). I like the way it’s going, and I think I’m really onto something here—it took a while, but the cover is going to look nice.


What you’re looking at is bits of a larger picture. In order to properly play with the images I had to split everything apart as separate files. There are a few more objects, but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with them yet… so I haven’t uploaded them (yet). The design aesthetic is a bit more crisp and a bit more celestial, but when it’s done you’ll know what you’re looking at. 

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