Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dictionary Done

Hey all,

Sorry for the late upload, I tried to write this blog posting last night and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to talk about. I finished the dictionary section of the book, so now I just have to re-upload it to Charlotte’s e-reader and she’ll be totally good to go, or I will… the book will be done with until she’s finished reading it. It’s been a few wonky days, so I don’t think much more progress has been made on the actual reading of the book, but it should be less than a week before she’s done and I have all of my changes done up. It’s exciting—terrifying and I constantly want to go back and rewrite the whole thing—but exciting nonetheless.

I need to get back into the cover artwork world. I let myself get distracted by the idea of the dictionary at the back of the book. It was one of those last minute decisions that really is going to end up looking nice when everything is said and done, but it wasn’t crucial to the project. I’m happy it’s done with, though, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out; with any luck the rest of the book will be just as good. The cover art is where it was a week or two ago before I dumped all of my time into organizing made up words into a list that made sense. The sketches are pretty much finalized, I just need to move them into Illustrator before I show them off. The style was easy enough, as I had the idea floating in my head for quite some time. We’ll see how it looks in the end—I might need to bother my artistically inclined sister for guidance if something goes awry.

I already have plans for what I’m working on next, but probably won’t make them public until I have some idea if what I’m thinking will actually unfurl in a way that makes sense. It’s a fusion of a few older works that sort of… died mid-project. I suppose they’re more in stasis, since the content is still good, they’re just unfinished stories without endings. Either way I might be resurrecting their bodies and harvesting their wordy organs for use in a new beast before all that long.


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