Monday, 8 September 2014

Drawing and Red Pens

Hey all,

So I’m only a couple days past where I was the last time I blogged insofar as writing and working on the new cover art. I spent a chunk of the weekend in a Hearthstone (it’s a game) tournament online. It was a qualifier for a larger tournament, but unfortunately one of the gentlemen who beat me ended up going onto the very end—so I was knocked out about halfway in. Everyone competing was probably within the top 500 North American players, so it was stiff competition no matter where you got bumped.

The cover art has gone through a few iterations. I will, like I said, at some point post what I’ve been working on when they’ve evolved beyond iffy hand scrawlings. I might even post those first draft sketches when I also have something nice to show… we’ll see. The original design was something a lot more all-encompassing about the book. It was not quite a scene from the story, but close to it and I thought it was kind of cool. It worked as a sketch, and probably would have been cool to look at as art, but it didn’t really make sense as a cover piece. I felt like there was too much going on and it didn’t match the last book nor grab your eyes. In my experience, I go right over really busy covers and focus more on the high contrast light/dark minimalist pictures. I do apologize if anyone out there that actually knows things about art/art terminology reads what I just wrote. I have no idea if I was even close to using those words correctly.

Stuff in the actual book is pretty much done. I keep finding little things that I want to pick at as Charlotte reads along, but outside of that I think most of my time has been/ is going to be relegated to drawing. There’s one part of Dreamstate II, at the very end, that I’m just not sure about. I keep on playing with it and shifting things around. I feel like I’ve written it well enough, and that everything should work, but it’s just not quite how I want it. Maybe something is missing… I don’t know.  I think I still have some more time until Charlotte gets to that point, because as I said, right at the very end (although not the part I had been rewriting). It’s a complicated story and I want everything to fit together perfectly… pfft I’ll figure it out eventually.


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