Monday, 1 September 2014

Editing Edits

Hey all,

I’ve had quite the delightful weekend. I took a couple days off of writing and handed off the pretty much completed copy of Dreamstate II to Charlotte. It’ll be a few days before she gets to the end part, so I have plenty of time to edit up those scenes that I re-wrote and stick them into the book. I was planning on just jumping into it and editing them right away, but people need to read the earlier parts first, so, I have a little bit of time. Also, I find that giving my brain (at the very least) a few days away from something tends to result in much, much tighter final edits.

It is oddly relaxing to be at this point in the book. I keep scrambling about thinking that I should be working, but no, I can just sort of… hang out and relax a little bit. I haven’t quite gotten around to reading through my last 3 Day Novel book, but maybe tomorrow or the day after? I might actually wait until I’m done with editing the edits—so I don’t play wonky with my distraction brain.

In other news, the horror story is pretty much on hold right now. I was working at it pretty hard for a long while when I was doing the first stages of the edits, and the tail end of Dreamstate II, but working on two projects at the same time was just too much. I had trouble focusing on either one and half the time I wanted to be in the middle of the book I wasn’t working on that day and bleh… it didn’t work out. I suppose I’ll probably get back to it once I finish up Nowhere, the 3 Day Novel(la). Who knows, life is full of surprises—I’ll be working on something, that’s for sure, but I have no idea what that something might be.

I suppose I should also start doing mockups in a more serious manner for the cover art. I have some journal scribblings that I’m far too unhappy with to show anyone… but I’ll refine them a bit more and maybe throw some sketches up sometime next week. Drawing is not my super strong point, but I’m pretty hand with the Adobe suite, so, it might wind up being some illustrator sketches—you’ll just have to wait and find out.


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