Tuesday, 23 September 2014

More Words

Hey all,

I am crazy sleepy right now and I am posting this a good deal later than I normally would. If these posts aren’t up by midnight I tend to just do them in the morning, but I’ve been touched with a wee bit of the insomnia, and so a late night blogging is what this is.

Working on the new language and dictionary has been magnitudes more work than I originally thought. Even more so than I was saying last week in the blog post. I’ve come to realize that I have something along the lines of five hundred unique words to translate... which is a lot more than I’d originally thought. I sort of lost track of exactly how long this book was—and now even after editing everything I’m still surprised by what comes up. I’m pretty sure that I’m nearly done, but then again I thought that last week as well. I believe I’ve put somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty hours into this over the past five days or so. Most of the time is spent just manually finicking with things rather than creating—organizational stuff. I’m happy with the parts that are done, I really am, and it’s looking great, but o god is it taking so much longer than I thought it would.

Outside of the parts where I’m just typing things in and shuffling them around into alphabetical order, a huge issue that I’m having is really keeping the words in line with one another. There are groupings of sounds that relate to different aspects of the world, and I have to super make sure that I don’t confuse them with one another. I’m certain that if I stray even a little bit from how I have it set up then all hell is going to break loose and I’ll lose my place forever. The sounds need to capture an aspect of what they describe and can’t be too far apart from one another when working within the same(ish) realm of speech. I’m not sure if that makes a lot of sense or not for you folk that haven’t seen what I’m working on (people that are not me),  but it will when the book comes out. The real point is that a ton of work is going into this micro (not as micro as I’d like) project to make sure that everything is not just random sounds, but rather a well thought out totally fake language.


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