Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Words

Hey all,

So, I think I’m going to keep everything as it is for the blog—no moving the next post to Friday. If I do that, I’ll just wind up with not enough to talk about on Tuesdays. It’s a cruel circle (because I never do enough work on the weekends), but one of the days is just going to end up being a little bit light. Not that big of a deal at the moment though; I’ve been rather busy with a fair number of slightly odd writing tasks.

I spent most of today fiddling around with a couple scenes that Charlotte wasn’t too sure about in the book. They were already a bit of a problem for me, and had been rewritten a few times but never quite to my satisfaction. I think the extra input sort of… crystallized what I need to do to fix them. It’s nice to have a new pair of eyes look at the content and say “This bit, this right here, that’s the thing that I do not like and this is why.” My brain is so used to focusing on the whole, and how everything is connected that I miss those middle sized bits between plot lines and grammatical errors.

I also put a good deal of time today into archiving a language that isn’t really a language. There are words in the new Dreamstate that have particular meaning, and while it is written in a way where you don’t need to know explicitly what everything means (you can interpret) I thought it would be nice if you could. At the moment, in the version that Charlotte is reading, there is no dictionary tagged onto the back. In fact, I believe a lot of those parts of the book are just standard English, highlighted in purple so I know where they are to put in the new words later on. Obviously it adds a bit of flavor to the world to have something not in English being spoken, but I really do want that dictionary put in at the end. I could see myself being incredibly frustrated if there was something that I thought might be translatable in a book I was reading, but had nothing to go off of. I must say, though, it is way more work that I thought it would be to go through the entirety of Dreamstate II and pick out these sections. I mean, I should have known it would be slow, because it’s a long book and there are many of these moments… but I have new found respect for folk that fully commit to building entire languages rather than just enough of one to function grammatically in a story.


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