Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Shifting Blog Days Again?

Hey all,

Man has it been windy here lately. I’m personally of the impression that autumn is coming along and trying to, quite literally, blow summer away. It seems like it has already succeeded in the more middle parts of Canada. Lots of places in Alberta seem to have at least half a foot of snow, which, according to the news, is more like fifteen feet. Snow in a place that routinely sees snow, but at the wrong time of year, seems to spread about as much panic as that baby sized dusting that the deep south had last year. Fun times—just wind and a bit of sunshine over here though.

Oh, and the title of the post; I might end up pushing my normally Thursday post over to Friday. Tuesday and Friday, does that sound decent to everyone? I’m finding that same issue where I just don’t really do enough in two days to write up a full blog about it. I could start talking about my weekend adventures on the Tuesday posts, but they don’t really have anything to do with writing. We went to a lake and floated around on a floaty tube device and hung out with dragonflies that kept landing on our toes—it was magical. Videogame tournaments and dragonflies are most of what I seem to do when I’m not here, writing. Back on topic—I’ll see how I feel about pushing it come next Tuesday. I’ll change up the top of the blog and all that if it’s going to move over.

Writing, writing, writing… oh! I got the first bit of feedback from Charlotte last night. She had, at one point, read a very, very pre-alpha version of the book. It had all the dead subplots and nonsense left in and probably ended somewhere that the real book did not go to at all. I believe she only made it halfway through, which is probably a good thing… because it was kind of meh… but the new stuff is apparently a good deal better. From what I am lead to believe, the world is rich and vibrant and “you can really picture the things in your head when you’re reading—like a brain movie.” Brain movies are good, if not the best; I try to leave a bit for the reader to imagine on their own, but I like to lead 90% of the way there and let them do the last little flourish to call it their own. The writing is apparently more mature and most everything seems to be lining up just the way that I had hoped it would. I’m still waiting for the ‘but’, but it hasn’t really come along yet. I feel like the book is probably the best thing that I’ve written so far, and I’m proud of how… expansive but approachable it is (to me, at least). I’ll wait for a few more people to get through it, but good things so far.


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