Thursday, 4 September 2014

Small Post

Hey all,

Not all that much to report on the book front. I’ve been going through the stuff that I just wrote, like I said I’d probably wind up doing in the last post. I haven’t made the transition to cover art mode yet, but as soon as the new, new edits are in I suppose I will.

Charlotte seems to be enjoying the story so far… I think. It’s hard to tell what someone is thinking when they read their book without staring the whole time. I don’t really want to hear any specifics back until the whole book is read, though, because it helps keep my brain out of dwell mode for a while. I think it’s also good for someone to get the whole picture before they criticize something—finish it, look over your notes and think about the story as an entirety, and then rip it to bits. That’s also why I tend not to show people anything of what I’m working on until it’s nearly done. The ‘halfway through the book’ criticism is helpful on occasional, but for the most part if just makes everyone cranky because they can’t see where the story is going to end up and half the time neither can I (and so I don’t know if I want to change the scenes yet or not). It’s a mess better left until the end.

It’s a bit of a small post today, but like I’ve said before, blogging about what bits of awkward sentences I’ve been fixing really isn’t all that great of a thing to chat on about. Oh, there is fun news from Amazon though—I can set up a pre-order for my book now. So, once the whole thing is done and ready for upload I can give the world a month or two weeks or whatever to put in some pre-purchases (and it’ll arrive the day that it goes on sale!) Also, I think it slingshots my book up the ranking ladder because it looks like all the presales were real sales the day of. Good stuff!


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