Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Art and Edits

Hey all,

Wee bit of a shorter/ morning post. I’ve been doing a fair bit of art, and a bit less editing than before, so I don’t have a ton to blog about. But as I’ve said before, as soon as this goes out to the next round of folk, I’ll be starting on my next book and can chat about that.

I’ve been fiddling with my cover art for most of the past few days. I mentioned in a post from last week how I’d accidentally made a face on the over where a face should not be. Fortunately, with a good deal of shouting at my computer, I have resolved this issue. I thought I had fixed it last Thursday but it took a few more sessions of trial and error to really work out what the problem was. Like I said before, visual art is not my strong suit—I knew something was wrong and that it looked funny, but until I saw what fixed the problem it was mostly a process of testing out hundreds of options. I ended up doing something different with the diamond stars, while still managing to keep their… essence(?) in the artwork. I also was able to use the parts of the cover that I really liked and was worried I would have to scrap. The artwork is done now, but it’s still sitting on a bit of a rough background (placeholder text and whatnot). I suppose I could show off the final art once I’m done with the whole thing, but there is something to be said for keeping it a secret until the big reveal. Maybe I can just upload the offending diamond star bit to show how it began and where it ended up—options.

My edits are totally caught up to where they should be and I believe Charlotte is working on the very last scene in the book right now. As soon as she is done, barring any massive complaints, I can have the story out to a few more folk and then set about with an even greater round of brain smooshing edits. Also I’ve been told the book is a lot more intense than the last Dreamstate, which is something I really was going for (older characters and all). Quite happy that things are coming about in the way that I hoped they would and I very much do hope that everyone else likes the story too.


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