Thursday, 16 October 2014

Book's Away!

Hey all,

Short post today. I am sort of between finishing up one aspect of Dreamstate II and starting to work on another book. There was a bit less work done (and less to talk about) than usual over the past two days, but I should have some super weird stories for next week.

I sent off my book to my next round of readers. It’s still in the immediate family alpha-testing phase, but I guess after this upcoming round of edits that circle will expand out a little bit. I spent most of Tuesday fixing up the bits and pieces that I needed to finish off before I sent it out in the email. I also realized that I’ve swapped computers since Dreamstate: Dark Eyes came out, and I need to re-snag all of my e-book converting software (bleh). Some of the stuff that I used was fairly obscure, so I might need to dig up my old hard-drive and see what I can salvage off of there.

I took most of yesterday (Wednesday) off. I got a bit bored in the afternoon and went about writing some of the things for my next book down in my journal. I do love a good book journaling where I can keep all of my crazy ideas without anyone else stumbling across them. It helps to sort out the insanity that is my process. I tend to go through a fair number of dead end plot points and ideas before I can sort out all of the things that are going to make it to writing. Even then there are a fair number of bits that don’t make it into finished versions of books. Maybe I’ll write something on the failed subplots of the Dreamstate series when the second book comes out.


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