Thursday, 2 October 2014

Design Backtracking

Hey all,

It has been a long couple days of working on this cover art. I have said many times over that I am not an artist. At least art (in the traditional form) does not come easily to me. If I had my way I would be able to describe the picture that I see in my head, paste that paragraph on the front of the book, and call it a day. I can make things that somewhat resemble what I want them to resemble, but it is not a quick nor a painless process for me. I am not sure how long this post will be… but it will detail the tragic rise, fall, and fifty percent salvation of a three day Photoshop binge.

In my last post, I showed off the black and white outlines of what appeared to be a sun and a star-like diamond. I liked those designs as they were, and even when I was finished messing with them so they had become a more finished product, I liked them. The thing was, I only really liked them separately. When I placed them together, something terrible happened. I had inadvertently created something that looked like a screaming face on the cover of my book. I had not set out to draw a face, but no matter how I set up the bits that I was working with I had a creation that either screamed, was eating something, or looked like it could have been lifted from the set of a children’s television show. I actually kind of liked the last one, with the cute face, but it didn’t fit the general aesthetic of the book/ the rest of the design; at the very least, though, it gave me a moment of amusement.

Now, by the twelfth accidental face, I had nearly given up and scrapped everything. The only problem was that about half of what I’d been working on was really, really good. I really liked parts of the overall picture. It was good enough that I spent most of today trying out something along the lines of ten billion new designs to work and mesh with the pieces I want to keep. I think I have something that should work. I don’t see how it would look like a face… but you never know until it’s done. Long story short, I have spent many days drawing strange faces but may have finally moved past that era in my art career. With any luck by this time tomorrow I’ll have a fully functioning cover, face free, and ready to show off come next Tuesday.


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