Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Book is Swell

Hey all,

This is a very late blog post (considering most of the time I have them up the night before). I apologize for that, but I totally forgot to write it because I was having so much fun working on my new book. It’s finally going smoothly, and I’m super excited about it. I guess the writing just took a week or so of me putting stuff down and then deleting it before I found the right voice for everything.

I knew, initially, what I wanted the world to be and how I wanted it to look, but there are certain ways of speaking that better create the atmosphere that you (I) want for the story. Easily enough I could have described the world around the characters with whatever came to mind, but it wouldn’t have had the same effect on the reader as the correctly chosen words. For instance, I could have said, “the town was near a mountain,” but instead, I said that the character looked towards the “smooth sides of the mountain that dominated the small town.” The two phrases are essentially the same, but they have a very different presence (at least in my mind).

Character voices were also quite a thing to work through. Everyone needed to be different, and I needed to find out how affected their speech would be based off of their history, and the history of the world where they live. The world itself needed its own quirks, and that’s is entirely disregarding the culture and rules of society that these people live in. It’s a dark, fairly paranoid environment, and it just took a little bit of time for me to shake off the Dreamstate writing and get into this new place. Everything seems to have clicked all at once, though, and the story is just taking off. I know where it’s going, I have it planned out, and the first couple chapters hammered down. I’m excited and I really like what I’ve come up with, in a way that I wasn’t with my other non-Dreamstate books. I often felt a little bit… stalled out and bored when I was writing my other stories (they weren’t how I imagined them), but this is just perfect. Happy.


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