Thursday, 30 October 2014

New Way of Writing

Hey all,

I had a thought today. Actually, I’ve had it for a while, but finally expressed it to Charlotte, as she would be half of the process that I’d come up with. I think that I might have her read my new book chapter by chapter as I write them up. I can do up a chapter in full, fix it up a little, pass it off, and get a bit of feedback as I hammer down and plan out (in depth) what happens next. I’ve become better at identifying the weak spots in my writing, and can anticipate most of what I’m going to do wrong before I do it (and avoid doing so), but there is always something new. I think it would also help cut down on the waiting after I finish the book to get the first round of feedback, back. I get antsy when I don’t have anything to do (hence me starting on a new book before Dreamstate II is finished). I tend to do the normal author thing and hoard my writing away, like a dragon’s treasure trove, until it’s near completion, but I figured I’d give it a go this time. Generally, I don’t have the whole story in my mind, and I don’t want to be influenced by other folk, but I’ve planned out a lot more than usual, so I think I should be safe in keeping my thoughts mine.

The actual writing of the book is still going well. I’ll more than likely have the first chapter done by Monday and I can maybe get a good read out of Charlotte by Tuesday. I’m aiming for something a lot closer to 80,000 words in total, so with any luck I could have this thing done by the end of the year. By luck I of course mean meeting word counts and not taking any breaks to do things such as lie on the floor and whine about writer’s block. Hopefully the constant throwing of chapters at Charlotte will help keep me on track even more than usual. I believe I knocked out the first Dreamstate book in about three months, and there was a fair number of breaks taken during. Dreamstate II obviously took 1000 years, but before it was edited down, it was nearly twice the length of the first book. I’d also done a 3 Day Novel contest and a bit of work on a now defunct horror story. I became sidetracked when the story started to drag a little. Anywho, I’m pretty focused right now and am still feeling uncharacteristically upbeat about how this is going to turn out. Good times.


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