Thursday, 23 October 2014

Real Writing and Some Feedback

Hey all,

Despite my complaints in the last post that there was no longer any sun in Vancouver, the world has managed to make it even darker. Today (Wednesday) barely got beyond a dusk-like light, and only stopped monsooning for about five minutes. The storm last night was so bad that about half the lower mainland lost power—our lights were flickering for sure. Winter is a comin’, and in force. Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee and warm houses during a storm as much as anyone, but the gale force winds are a little unsettling.

Writing went quite well for me today. I’d gone back to my journal for about twelve hours of brain crunch time yesterday. It paid off, because I actually got some content to stick to the page today. There was that blank page panic for a while, but I eventually got over it. Really, I just needed to put something down that I didn’t absolutely hate, and then my brain settled and got into the groove of things. Blank pages are the worst, it’s so much easier to get going once you have something down to work off of.

I’ve also started getting some feedback on my immediate family alpha version of Dreamstate II. Most of it seems positive, and the few non-typo/ grammatical fixes seem mostly to be based around things that I was a bit uncertain about as well. Nothing that I’m really happy with is causing any problems, which I find pleasing. I’d be a little annoyed if everyone hated the things that I like. I think some of the issues arising stem from the fact that I nuked a good 15,000 words off of the earlier versions of the text. There are a few plot lines that become a bit rushed and die off in a very… they deserve a better ending than I give them. Most of this can be fixed with a few additional (small) scenes sprinkled in that give some context to why things end the way they do (rather than just fading out unceremoniously). I think I have a pretty strong story here and am excited to see what more people say when I get it out to them.


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