Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Well that was a Waste of Time

Hey all,

Vancouver has entered a bit of a weather window where the sun no longer comes out. The sky is dark and grey from the first moments of morning until the night. I assume the sun is still there, hidden behind layers and layers of blackness. It’s making it a bit harder to wake up in the mornings, but hey, winter is just around the corner. It is still better than the super-hot summer days where the yard folk would start mowing at 7am; far better.

I spent a good deal of time over the past couple days buried in my journal. I had figured that I would have enough general planning done to start writing the real book today in Word; oh how wrong I was. I had forgotten just how… not in my brain worlds that are not Dreamstate places are. Dreamstate II I started writing with a few scribbled notes and a bit of hope—this is not how it works with books that aren’t built on others. I spent most of today trying to get something to stick to the page, but almost every iteration of what I was doing just ended up piling on some new bit of information and plot that I hadn’t built into the story yet. Everything was awkward and ended up being wiped out in one way or another. I’d jumped the gun by a longshot—maybe another few days of really hammering down what happens (at least in chapter one) is in order.

I had forgotten quite what went into building a new world from the get go. Yes new places are introduced in the Dreamstate books, but it’s not quite the same as coming at something from an entirely different voice (and for a different age group). I wrote things that I immediately became concerned would clash with future encounters and plot points. The characters didn’t really become whom I thought they should be (I need to lock down more traits that make them, them). There was a general shakiness to my writing and the world that I didn’t like. It felt out of place, and I could tell that I didn’t want that vibe to the book. I imagine I could have kept what I’d written and dealt with it later, but the more that I wrote before I straightened everything out just meant more work later. Knowing that I wasn’t ready to start up the real writing and instead getting back to basic world building and chapter lockdown(ing?) will save me time in the long wrong.

Monday was a very long and very non-productive, but enlightening, day. Maybe I can get into the real writing by Thursday and tell everyone about it by then.


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