Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Belated Blog

Hey all,

Sorry for the morning post. I’ve been doing this more and more as of late… not sure why, but I just fell asleep last night. Normally I’ll watch a something on Netflix and then do up a post before I settle in, but I crashed out halfway through the show. Sometimes you just get tired, I guess. Also, having been absent for a few days, the winds are back in force. We made it all the way to our gym last night only to find that they’d lost power and were closed. Lifting weights in the dark is probably not the safest activity; the potential for chaos is huge.

I have received a good number of Dreamstate II notes over the past few days, and I’ve been fiddling with the story trying to get them all in. The process is generally a lot closer to me trying to figure out why there’s a note there in the first place (rather than what that note is), and then how I can make it better. The things that people notice are often a symptom of something greater in the scene or story that I can fix is relatively arcane ways. The ‘Why is X happening?’ questions are generally fixed by delving further back into the story and adding in smaller scenes to counter the seemingly instant appearance (or disappearance) of characters. I think a lot of the… scattered feeling moments are a byproduct of the huge amount of content that I ended up removing from the very first version of the book to the parts that I ended up sending out. Maybe, as I keep saying, there will be a Ten-year Anniversary Complete Dreamstate Series book that will come out in…. 2029, and can have all of these massive early versions of the stories that I had to trim down. When you’re famous no one cares how long your stories are.

On the front of the new book, Charlotte is getting her hands on the first chapter soon and I can have some idea if I want to keep rolling with it or not. I hope yes, because I still really like it. Some of the excitement has worn off, but that is because I’ve been playing in the universe now for a week or two. I have to keep reminding myself that someone is going to get through two or three weeks of writing content in about thirty minutes. The things that take me weeks to get bored of will only be an hour old when my readers hit the same point in the book.

Also, it’s freezing here and we had to turn on the heat for the first time. Well done winter, you’ve won this round.


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