Tuesday, 4 November 2014

First Chapters and Some Tunes

Hey all,

I have not finished the first chapter of my new book. I know that I said I might, but the world got in the way. By the world, I mostly mean me. I became increasingly aware at how long the first chapter was going to become if I wrote it how I’d planned it out. I wanted it to end at a certain point, and so I had to go back to the drawing board a little bit. Most of the drawing was done by just chopping apart bits of the story that didn’t really add anything to the plot. They were interesting-ish, and maybe added a wee bit of a flavor to the world (already pretty flavorful), but they dragged out the chapter by a million miles and didn’t actually add anything of substance. I could have split the chapter up, but I really, really wanted a specific ending to the first bit of the story. It’s a great launching point for everything else in the book and will hopefully act to really pull people along. Soooo yes, I was doing that for a lot of the past few days. The actual writing is going well, if not a bit slower than I’m used to. I tend to pick up the pace as the story evolves, and am a bit more meticulous near the beginning. I also spent a fair chunk of the weekend doing Halloween, getting flu shots, going to the gym, and watching the Hearthstone Blizzcon World Qualifiers (big ol’ fancy video game tournament).

I am still awaiting all of the info back from my Dreamstate II readers. I have not forgotten, and neither have they. Also, I would much rather have people take their time and feed me all of the things that I need to know rather than have rushed wishy-washy info coming back. Besides, as you can see above, I am managing to keep busy with a project that I am finding utterly amusing.

In the world of music, I’ve been digging these guys for the past week or so (no yelling, just super chill and groovy, fear not). It’s a concept album that follows the rise and fall of the Minoan culture, because, ya’ know, that’s a thing that happened.

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