Thursday, 27 November 2014

Journaling and Edits

Hey all,

I’ve been doing a lot of the same old stuff again. There’s not all that much to talk about on the Dreamstate II front, unless you want to hear me chat about the editing I’ve been doing. It’s mostly been me smoothing out sections that are a little bit… unclear? I think unclear would be the right word. It’s the stuff that I thought was fine but tended to confuse everyone else that sat down and read the book. More than just specific instances, though, confusing trends and personality quirks. It tends to be stuff that, once again, stems from the fact that I chopped out just an insane amount of content in the first round of edits.

I took most of today (Wednesday) off of the editing to spend my one day a week with my Shadowmen book. I spent most of the time journaling and planning out chapter two. I’d mentioned a little while ago that I had split a bit off the end of chapter one (for length and theming) and pushed it over into the next chapter. So, I had a good bit of a jumping place to start from, but needed to really hammer out the details of what’s specifically going to happen. I doubt I’ll get back to it before I finish the Dreamstate II edits, but it’s nice to know what all of my ideas are down on paper. Once again, I am super pumped for this new book—super fun, super new, and working exactly as I want it to.

Also, I do apologize if my posts over the past couple weeks have been a lot of the same. I sort of feel like I’m in a bit of a rut with this work right now. I spend a lot of the time doing seemingly minor touchups to one book and in my free time playing around with the start of another. I’m not really generating any new stories or messing with concepts that I can’t quite get my brain around (and need to talk out with you guys). Maybe next Tuesday I’ll just write something entirely unrelated to what I’m doing—talk about a book I’ve read, or something. Dunno, we’ll have to see where the mood takes me. Anyways, thanks for sticking around while I’ve been boring, it means a lot.


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