Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Positive Feedback

Hey all,

Been freezing, but what else is new? Had the heat on again today—been holding out for quite some time, but there’s a point where I had to give in. It was somewhere around the moment that I was considering putting sweatpants on over the top of my jeans that I figured it would be easier to just bump on the heater a little bit. Also, I played another Hearthstone tournament over the weekend; did alright—I finished somewhere between spot 9-16 out of 500ish people. Unfortunately the top 8 got invited back for some sort of fancy person tournament, and I was one win off of that. Oh well, I can give it another go next weekend (weekly event) if I so feel up for it.

I’ve been fixing up Dreamstate II after getting back my rounds of generalized comments and suggestions. I’ve taken a few weeks off, while I was waiting, and so I’m re-familiarizing myself with the text as I enter in the more obvious bits and pieces. I still need to go back and put those small scenes that fix later problems (talked about it last week or so) into the book, but all in all nothing seems to be all that hard to do up. I’m sure I’ll eat those words at some point this week when my changes cause a catastrophic sub-plot failure that takes twenty hours to chase through the entirety of the text. You’d be surprised at the way in which some things are connected to others… always catches me off guard.

Oh, and Charlotte ended up reading through the first chapter of my new book and gave it a big ol’ thumbs up. Her one complaint was that it was a bit dense with a lot of new ideas coming at her really, really fast. I’d sort of expected this as I’d compressed what I was concerned was too long a first chapter (turns out it wasn’t). I can give the first bit of the story some slack, let it flesh out, and really let the reader explore the new world—it should help fix the ‘feels like walking uphill,’ experience that she got. There’s always a fine balance between a story dragging and becoming too tight so you get everything at once. I was worried about one extreme and went to the other; drop a couple thousand extra words into the chapter and everything should make a lot more sense. Also, it’ll mean that I won’t have to reiterate it again later in the story. Easier for me and much easier for the audience.


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