Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Been Reading

Hey all,

I installed a new heat sink and fan for my cpu yesterday morning. It was a bit of an adventure, since I’d never really installed quite an unwieldy bit of equipment before. There was a fair amount of balancing and praying that I blindly found screw-holes. It seems to be working, though, even after a full day of use and a bit of stress testing. My old fan wasn’t quite doing the trick, so I upgraded, no other reason except that I wanted my system to run a wee bit cooler.

I’ve been reading for the past couple days. Actually, it’s been mostly reading since my last post. I cleared up a few more things in the text, but found that I was having a bit of difficulty placing events in my mind insofar as how the book was going. Not big events, mostly just small sentences and little breakaway bits of text. I needed to re-read the entire story to see just where everything is (precisely) and the last few tweaks I need to fix what I’m fixing. I think, for the most part, all of the changes are in. There are probably going to be a few more things that I want to change, and a couple more than I might need to revert or move around—I probably put them in a bit hamfisted. For the most part, though, I am of the opinion that the edits are near done. Tomorrow I can kick back with my nook and keep on reading through the book; taking notes on what I need to. It’s a slow read, mind you, not the fun sort. I ‘m going about a third my normal reading speed, picking at every little thing I see and marking down where fixes need to happen.

Today is a short post—I think I might get back to my reading. I’m mostly just keeping everyone updated. I can go over the extra stuff with the cover art in my next post—it seems wrong to have two blog writings in a row that don’t touch on the actual writing/ editing.


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