Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I Used a Pen Today!

Hey all,

Is it snowing and way below freezing where all of you live? Because it is snowing and way below freezing where I live. I know the stereotype of Canada being a frozen wasteland, but I live on the border. I can literally see the US from my balcony—it is not supposed to be this cold. The world has turned to Hoth, and I never want to go outside anymore, just terrible stuff really. It has allowed me to focus my attention evermore on the editing whilst hiding indoors, but I would like to go outside again sometime soon without being so cold.

Oh, also, I did another one of those Hearthstone tournaments—top 32 this time (out of 500 or so). Once again I just missed the qualifier rounds for the next tier of tournament, but hey, at least I’m consistently beating people. My first run a few weeks ago wasn’t a total fluke (I’ll qualify one of these days).

New for me, that doesn’t include freezing and game tournaments, is my return to a printed page and a red pen. I may have mentioned that I had a few comments on the first chapter of Dreamstate II. Folk were saying that it was a bit… lumpy to read. The chapter didn’t have the same flow as the rest of the book, and they weren’t quite sure why. I tried a couple times during the weekend to get into the text and figure out exactly what was wrong, but I had trouble cracking the issue. Today I got fed up with trying to fix it on the computer and printed out the problem area. I ended up taking a red pen to a lot of the section and re-writing a bunch of the intro bits.

I found that many of the things that carried over from Dreamstate: Dark Eyes needed a bit smoother of an introduction back into the text (keeps stuff from jumping out at ya’) and I ended up fixing a lot of ‘meh’ writing sections. Some of the stuff at the very start of the story was exactly the way it had been when I’d first written it. Oftentimes I find the first things I write are just slapped down onto the page to get something into the white space (makes writing easier to have something down). I fixed up those sections and smoothed out the writing so it flows better when you read it. The mouthfeel of the words are better—they aren’t clunky when you say them aloud or in your head. I also trimmed down a few sections that were dragged out a little bit longer than necessary. One scene I quite liked, but didn’t add very much (in an obvious way) to the story. I’d put it in as more of a last transition piece, that I thought tied the atmosphere of the first book into that of the second—it still does that, but in a much more condensed manner. I fixed a few other smaller things here and there, but for the most part, redoing the introductions and the first couple pages really seems to have made a world of difference. Good times when problems get solved.


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