Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Redoing Lost Work

Hey all,

I had a somewhat large crash of a section of Dreamstate II on Tuesday. I had separated it from the main text, but managed to not save it before something went wonky and Word went down. The real book is fine, and I've redone everything that I'd lost, but it's a bit soul-destroying to be set back a day for no good reason (other than my own stupidity from not saving). Unfortunately a lot of the work that I lost was markers set up in the text to show future me where to put in some edited scenes--not the most fun stuff, just decision making really. It's one of the last things I need to do before sending it off to the next round of readers. I was supposed to have the day off to work on my new book, but instead I ended up redoing a lot of grunt work (bleh). Not the most fun couple days, as far as the writing goes. The last bit I'm doing is mostly just filling out a few of the more background characters (so they're less flat) and putting in those scenes that make the book run more smoothly. They're mostly written, and just need to be inserted.

For those of you that are wondering, I tend to write stuff up/ edit sections separately from the main text and replace it later. I find that it's easier to keep track of what I'm doing/ have done when things are in their own documents. I've done the method where I color code edited sections and have to scramble through a wall of text to find anything, but it's a pain, so I don't do that anymore.

With luck the next post with be less about redoing lost work and more about fun, happy writing times. Yay.


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