Monday, 5 January 2015

Been a While

Hey all,

Been some time since I last made a post on this here site. I’m still around, fear not, it has just been a super crazy last few weeks what with the holidays and all that. I spent nearly a week down in Seattle right around Christmas, and then a few days downtown at a hotel around New Years. Needless to say I haven’t been home all that much, and the time I have been has been mostly spent trying to kill the tail end of a cold. Yep, same cold from before—seems that if you don’t take the time to rest, you’ll just end up coughing forever. Oh, also, I’ve been reading through the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s guide and Dungeon Master’s guide the past few days. I’ve got a group of friends who are interested in playing—so that might be a thing I talk about in the next couple months when everything is set up.

Now, onto talking about the work… the truth is that honestly, in the world of writing, I’ve been bad—super bad. I’ve probably done about 2 days’ worth of work over the past couple weeks. I got back into it yesterday, but ended up falling asleep in the middle of the day due to being up all night (cough). I’m about halfway done with the read-through I’m doing. I really should have been done by now, but like I said, I’ve been bad. There’s always a moment before I go off on vacation where I plan out all my downtime, and tell myself that I should get a couple hours of work in each day to stay on schedule. Of course that never happens and I spend all my time hanging out with family and friends and doing nothing that resembles work. Fortunately I have nothing planned for the next… forever, and so my life is purely work-mode for the next little while. Sorry to everyone that’s been waiting on this book for nearly two years now—it’s coming.

On the positive side, the stuff I’m catching in my read-through is little more than awkward phrasing and a couple scenes that need a few more tweaks. It seems like the stuff I put in mostly stuck and smoothed out a lot of the weirdnesses that I was dealing with (huzzah!). The fixes should be super easy to put in once I do manage to get finished.


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