Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Forgot the Last One

Hey all

So, last week (on Thursday) I sort of… forgot to post a blog. I was pretty tired and still a bit run down from this damn cold. I can’t shake the cough, not sure what’s up with that—kind of comes and goes. Anyways, I didn’t realize I’d forgotten to do it until Friday evening, and by then it was a bit late, so I just rolled with it. I could have scraped something up to stick on the site, but honestly, there isn’t all that much to talk about now that I’m reading and taking notes on my failures. This is about the most content dry bit of work I’ve had to do.

I did find a few more intense things to work out, though, so that’s taken up my last couple days. I seem to have written in a scene in the middle of a chapter that in no way works. It was an instance at school, but the rest of the chapter takes place on the weekend. Maybe I had meant to do it as a flashback to earlier in the week? But that would also make no sense. Honestly, I have no idea why I did what I did, but I think I can jump it back or forward a bit and call it good. It’s a relatively versatile scene, mostly set up to further tension between a couple people and further a subplot—it can fit in almost anywhere (as long as Daniel is actually at school).  On the bright side, most of the jazz just after that bit is great and pretty much needs no work, which is awesome. Most of the issues were with interpersonal character stuff that got a bit stuttery when I took out content in the early edits.

I also had a request over the weekend to talk a bit about names in my stories; how I come up with them and what they mean. I can also go over a few things about the language in the new book that won’t spoilerize anything. I might do that on Thursday, I tend to doubt I have enough room to chat about everything I’d like to without spilling way over the one page limit I’ve set. Anything over about a single spaced page in word becomes a bit much to read. Or at least that’s my experience while checking out other blogs. Some people seem to save up all their thoughts for a once a month super post—I can’t ever really be bothered to read more than a couple pages worth of text. On the other hand, three-quarters of a page three times a week is no issue to get through. Anywho, more fun stuff on Thursday—and this time I promise to not forget.


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