Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I Finished the Readings

Hey all,

Sorry for the morning post, I forgot to put this online last night. I wrote it, then went to do something, and then something else, and then ended up in bed. My brain said I didn’t have anything else to do, but it forgot about that whole, put it up on the internet thing. Oh well, I figure before noon on the day of the posting still counts as being alright.

So I’ve finished going through Dreamstate II and taking all my notes and making sure the new stuff I put in is really sticking. I think I found one part that was really the main culprit in a lot of the complaints; with some moderately heavy fixes and additions to that one section I can really bolster the general smoothness of the whole story. Time goes a bit wonky in a couple chapters (on purpose) and the pacing gets off, but like I’d said a long while back, a few small added scenes and a bit more background should fix up the issues.

I know that gives people who haven’t read the book just about nothing to go on, but I really, really, really don’t want to spoil anything cool. I’d rather you guys be slightly puzzled with some generalized blog postings and then get a much more refined (and totally unknown) book from me rather than fancy posts and a book you already know half of. Oh, on that note I think that when I start sending out this next round of readings, I might also include a short list of issues and errors that I suspect might still be lurking in the book, and if anyone catches them, just point them out and please let me know where they are. Might be a week or two for me to slap all the changes back into the document, but the end is once again in sight. This is taking far too long to be a reasonable project.

In other news, I’m finally over my cold (I think) so… that’s good info for everyone else that has it. Three-ish weeks and you’ll be more or less right as rain. Also my Dungeons and Dragons thing is moving forward. We have a group of six players, plus me, maps, a story, and whatever else we’re going to end up using. Nerds, but fun nerds.


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