Thursday, 29 January 2015

Them Changes

Hey all,

This might be a bit of a short post, I toasted my hands/ arms a bit at the gym tonight and my writing powers are a bit diminished (it hurts to make the keys go). Let’s see how long I can hold out before whining and sticking this post online.

The changes I’ve been putting into Dreamstate II have been going well, for the most part. I’ve hit a few points where my instructions on what I thought was wrong are a bit… vague. I can work it out for the most part, but once or twice I just have had no idea what I meant. The marked areas really do seem fine to me, but I might make a bit of a note when I pass it off to my next set of readers to see if they can re-glean what I’d been bothered by. There are also a few sections that might actually be a bit more of a rework than I’d originally thought. For now I’m just marking them off in the text and plan to come back after the smaller stuff is set in. They aren’t necessarily hard, but it kills the general flow of the workday to sit on one thing for so many hours when I’d planned to do a bunch of small stuff.

Nothing too terrible has popped up, though—everything is more or less going to plan, and I dig that. If I had any crazy horror stories I’d tell y’all about them, but so far it’s been pretty smooth. Considering the nightmare it was to do the other steps of the editing of this book, I’m super pleased about it all right now and am enjoying my easy time.

(Longer post next time when hands work).


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