Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Just Filling in More Stuff

Hey all,

Short post for the reasons below—long post next time.

I pretty much never have any good stories for you guys anymore. That big scene I was working on, and have now finished was really my last hurrah as far as interesting things go. I have been spending most of my time just filling in those other scenes in which something was slightly askew. It’s a pain, because I normally do have stories, or problems, or breakthroughs, or anything. This past while has just literally been me taking 1-3 paragraph sections, looking them over, and making a few assessments on the quality. Generally I delete a few things, replace a couple others with a different scenario, and then possibly add a bit at the end. These aren’t really game changing scenes on their own, but the little bits and pieces do end up shaping (mostly) Daniel’s interactions with the world. It’s important, and it keeps him more normal, but o god is it boring and entirely disjointed to talk about outside the book.

I might start throwing around some of the super-alpha mode ideas that I have/ have played with for my other book, the Shadowmen story. I haven’t done much with it since this recent Dreamstate II jazz, but there are some cool stuff that has been simmering in my brain. Don’t know if I’m going to use it all, but it might be good to get some ideas down onto paper (and the internet!) before I try to work them into a story.

Yeah… I’m going to do that for my next post—crazy story concepts.


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