Thursday, 26 February 2015

One More Edit?

Hey all,

Short post!

So apparently it’s Thursday and not Wednesday? I swear that in the last few weeks I’ve almost completely lost my ability to tell the days apart. Weekends and weekdays, I’ve got those separate because Charlotte is here/ not here. Weekdays tend to blur together a bit… so, sorry for the morning post.

Anyways, I was having some issues fixing up a thing yesterday. I had decayed into one of those ‘Why do the words hate me, and why can’t I write anything I like?” sort of situations. Anywho, I actually gave my journal a look to jot down a few notes and realized that I’ve really only got one thing left to fix after this thing that I’m stuck on now. It’s finally happening, the last edit that I have to edit for this round of edits! I know everyone out there that reads this has been waiting on this book for a loooooong time, but trust me, it’s been longer from the inside. I started writing Dreamstate II almost two years ago—it was supposed to be an eight month project, tops. It was not an eight month project, but a very, very long one. I suppose about six months of that time has been editing (it was pretty rough, and massive, at one point), but still. I’m just happy that I can take a bit of time off, have other folk give it a read through, and get another round of feedback. Super excited, and super worn out of these editing sessions.



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