Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Site Changes?

Hey all,

So I was messing around with my site a little bit today and noticed that I’d never changed the favicon at the top of the page. It’s the little picture that shows up next to the name of the website on the browser tab. Anywho, I’d just left it as the default Blogger icon for all these years and today decided to switch it up. It should now be the letter T, and if it isn’t please do clear anything about my site from your history and look again. If it’s still not the letter T then give me a holler because something has gone terribly wrong. Terribly.

Also, I’ve been considering making a few changes to my site… maybe. I think it looks alright, and it definitely does the trick for what it needs to do, but it’s not all that fancy. If I put a bit of time into it, I could probably kick up the overall niceness by a couple notches. Maybe I’ll look into it once I send Dreamstate II out to people? I should probably focus all my energy on that, for now. I already have more side projects than I should—life, full of stuff I need to do.

What else is new…? not a ton, really. I’ve been fiddling with the Dreamstate edits, and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to chill out a bit and let a few things go. I’ve been waffling over more extreme changes to the story which really don’t change much of anything at all. A few of which I’ve actually implemented and then ended up changing back because I liked the original better in the first place. I know that might sound stupid, but I don’t know if I like it better until I actually do it and make the changes. More or less, there have been a few days that I’ve lost because I did something and it turned out worse than before. I suppose that as good a reason as any as to why this thing is taking so long to fix up to where I want it to be, semi-ineptitude. On the bright side, it’s still moving forward and I have… five more official sections to fix. This does not mean that I won’t fix things that aren’t official (marked with pink highlighter in Word), but it does mean that I’m slowly moving towards the end. I do apologize for how long this is taking, I am slow and picky and altogether too easily sidetracked by parts of the book that are fine the way they are.


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